GDG SEA Summit 2023 — Topic Highlight

Adam WB
3 min readSep 17, 2023

Hi everyone, I know this will be a short story, but I want to share this one because somehow I feel like this could be a lesson learned for all of us, especially those who are running a community in your local area.

So what’s GDG SEA Summit?

An opportunity to bring GDG and GDG Cloud organizers from the region together for community-building, learning, networking, and celebration.

We are in Google Asia-Pacific HQ Singapore

Yes, we had many celebrations! 🙌

We held this event annually, last year we had this event in Bali, Indonesia. This year, Singapore is the host.

We are in pink t-shirt

So here are some highlighted topics:

  • Community Leadership: What is our Why?

by Manikantan Krishnamurthy — Head of Developer Relations SEA & Greater China, Google

  • We did Google office tour! 🙌 🙌 🙌 I enjoyed this one since the office is closed due to election day, everyone could do some nice spot photos 😅
  • Storytelling for Impact: How to consciously build a story for your community? Why is this important?

by Saad Hamid — App Growth Manager, Google

  • Google Developer Technologies Overview & Priority Topics

by Eric ShangKuan — TWHK & SAF Regional Lead, Google Developer Relations Ecosystem

  • Community Sustainability: Succession Planning, Team Management and Communications

by Danang Juffry — Community Manager, Indonesia & Brunei

by Amrita Nambiar — Community Manager, Singapore & Malaysia, Technical Project Manager SEA

  • High-Quality Event

by Nhi Nguyen — Community Manager, The Philippines, Vietnam & Greater Mekong

by Huzaifa Habib — Community Manager, SAF Region

  • What makes Google Works? Google Culture & Values

by Janise Tan — SEA Regional Lead, Google Developer Relations Ecosystem

  • Why Diversity & Inclusivity Matters

by Danang Juffry — Community Manager, Indonesia & Brunei

  • How to run a successful study jam/certification campaign

by Amrita Nambiar — Community Manager, Singapore & Malaysia, Technical Project Manager SEA

Also, we did many good topics for lightning talks 🙌 from some GDG GDG Cloud chapters, shout out to our community there! 🔥

  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 1 Team management — GDG Manila
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 2 Community Sustainability — GDG George Town
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 3 Curating content and Finding speakers — GDG Lahore
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 4 Prepare and Run your event — GDG Hanoi
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 5 Community Retrospective — GDG Surabaya
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 6 Sponsors & budget management — GDG Sri Lanka
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 7 Tips for Gender Inclusivity at IWD event — GDG/WTM Bangkok
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 8 Women Leadership in Community — GDG/WTM Bogor
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 9 Inclusivity on transgender, multiple press releases GDG/WTM Islamabad
  • ⏩ Lightning Talk 10 Prepping for your next Cloud Certification? — GDG Cloud Singapore

last but not least, the closing remark and good topic here is how to find the right problem

  • Closing Remark

by Sami Kizilbash — Dev Ecosystem and Accelerator Lead, Google

I learned a lot from you all, from those sessions, and understand how the community can help local developers. Hope that we can meet at another event, keep connecting and networking!

Indonesian GDG and GDG Cloud

Last from me, meet our awesome team here and for being a nice host! 😄

Thank you all of you!

I hope this can inspire everyone who plans to manage a community and help local developers to build and connect with others.

Anyway, if you want to read another story with full content, a lots of photos, and see what happened there check out a story from my friend Mils Burasakorn Sabyeying here she did a good story there 😃 👍!